Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients ask us these questions:

PICT0145_horse_kidQ- What type of insurance should I carry if I have a horse or a tractor?

A- You need “Country Estate” Insurance. What if your horse runs away or hurts someone? What if your tractor does some damage? We can help

Q- Why did my insurance go up?

A- Call us and we can check. There are a number of reasons and sometimes we can get you a lower rate.

Q- Do you offer flood insurance?

A- Yes. It is a good idea to review some optional coverages you may wish to add to your current homeowner’s policy.

Q – Tornado Damage: Are you covered?

A- If your policy specifically refers to windstorms as a covered cause of loss, then tornadoes, hurricanes, high winds, thunderstorms and blizzards are all included in the definition of windstorm.

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